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Exercícios de Inglês: Preposições

Vamos estudar e passar o tempo na quarentena?

Vou deixar aqui exercícios para vocês treinarem as preposições!

Façam sem olhar as respostas! Usem as respostas apenas para conferir! O objetivo é que você se esforce para acertar!


1) Complete the sentences using in, on or at: I was born _______ October. I was born _______ December 25th. I was born _______ 5 o’clock. I am _______ bed already. I was _______ a bus when you called me. I will travel _______ the weekend. John called me ______ Saturday. I live _________ Queensway Street. I live ________ Baker Street, 45. We had a great party _________ Christmas Eve. Josh is _______ the beach. Mary was putting the TV ______ the wall. Why is your phone ______ the floor? Turn left _____ Baker Street and the bookshop is _____ the right.

Can you meet me ______ home? Dinner will be served _______ 8 o'clock. 2) Complete the sentences using the correct preposition (by, for, to, of, from, in, on, at, about, as, etc):

1) England is famous ________________ its rainy weather. 2) I'm very proud ________________ my daughter, she worked very hard.

3) He isn't really interested ________________ getting married. 4) Luke is very pleased ________________ his exam results. 5) Unfortunately, I'm very bad ________________ music. 6) I've been married ________________ my husband for 10 years. 7) She's very excited ________________ the party. 8) Julie is very different ________________ her sister. 9) My niece is afraid ________________ dogs. 10) A ball gown is similar ________________ an evening dress. 11) What is your town famous ________________? 12) It's great you got that job - you should be proud ________________ yourself. 13) I'm very excited ________________ buying a new computer. 14) That bike is similar ________________ yours. 15) She is interested ________________ jazz. 16) Are you pleased ________________ your new house? 17) Lucy is extremely good ________________ languages. 18) Who is James married ________________? 19) English cheese is very different ________________ French cheese.

20) He isn't afraid ________________ anything. Respostas:

1) in, on, at, in, on, at, on, on, at, on, at, on, on, at, on, at, at.

2) by, of, in, by, at, to, about, from, of, to, for, of, about, to, in, by, at, to, from, of.


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